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Special Effects

Lightbulb, Blk,75 watts Costume Blacklight Bulb Costume Bottle of Fake Blood Costume Cauldron Witches Costume Collectors Bust Moria Orc Costume
Creepy Flies Night Creatures Costume Doby (Harry Potter) Life Size Costume Giant Spider Webs Costume Hand, Cut Off  Rubber Costume Night Creatures Scary Spiders Costume
Skull Pirate Fibre Optic Costume Arm, Cut Off Rubber Costume Cut Off Foot Costume Leg, Cut Off Rubber Costume Snakes Rubber Night Creatures Costume
Spider Web w/spider sm Costume Freddy Prop Arm Costume Spider Web Canopy Costume Bendable Steel Bar W/Sound Costume Bag of Roaches (80) Costume
Superman Breakapart Chain Costume The Webcaster Gun Costume Indiana Jones light-up Crystal Skull Costume Colored Light Bulb-orange Costume Bubble Machine Costume
Fog Machine Costume Ground Fog Liquid - 1 Gallon Costume 1000 Watts Fog Machine Costume Fog Liquid (Quart) Costume
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